Wynnton UMC is currently looking for these positions. Please see job descriptions below:

• Director of Children and Family Ministries

• Contemporary Worship Leader

• Youth Director

Director of Children and Family Ministries

Summary: (Download Description)

This full-time staff member is responsible for building and directing the Family Ministries of the church, including planning, coordinating, and overseeing activities for children and their families to promote spiritual development, fellowship, and ministry involvement in the life of the church. This person will help us seek to deepen our faith and create more and better disciples for Christ.


Job Responsibilities

  • Create and implement a Family Ministries strategy by working with the Family Ministry Team and the Senior Pastor on a vision with goals and objectives.

  • Plan and execute programs and events that support and engage children and their families, including being invitational with current and new worshippers.

  • Work with the Senior Pastor to ensure that the particular needs of children and families are considered and supported within the life of the church.

  • Provide spiritual discipleship and mentoring for church families. Partner with parents by equipping them with resources to become actively and intentionally involved in the spiritual formation and discipleship of their families.

  • Cultivate relationships with families of our congregation and our community.

  • Call, support and equip volunteers to ensure they always have a clear understanding of their role.

  • Equip volunteers and guest leaders to provide leadership for planned programs and events.

  • Serve as Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator and implement training.

  • Select or develop curriculum for children’s ministry in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

  • Plan and provide for the security of children, students, and teachers involved with Family Ministry (i.e., security check-in and retrieval, evacuation plan, volunteer screening, first aid, CPR training).

  • Establish relationships with community and school leaders to be “in the know” about the needs and issues pertaining to families and children in our community (eg, partner with the Partners in Education coordinator).

  • Participate in the planning and execution of confirmation with the pastors and the Director of Student Ministries.

  • Schedule, plan, and organize family events and missional outreach opportunities with church staff and volunteers.

  • Follow up with all families with children who visit the church.

  • Help plan worship for special family services, including selecting liturgy and coordinating order of worship with staff before the service (i.e., blessing of the backpacks, third grade Bible presentation, Palm Sunday parade, confirmation)

  • Develop a Family Ministries budget and track expenditures throughout the year in consultation with the senior pastor.

  • Serve as the Wynnton Pre-School liaison from the church.

  • Supervise the part time Nursery Coordinator.

  • Teach, as needed.

Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the senior pastor

Eligible candidates should submit resumes:

Contact: Gena Tincher

Address: 2412 Wynnton Rd Columbus 31906

Phone: 706-324-2424



LINK Contemporary Worship Leader


General Description. This is a part-time, 10 hours per week position with the responsibility for leading the Link Worship.

 Reports to:  Senior Pastor or designee




  • Musical ability to transpose song keys when needed

  • Personality that is engaging and inviting

  • Enthusiasm and understanding of John 4:23 worship “in Spirit and in Truth”

  • Familiar with Presentation and Worship Planning Software

  • Basic/Advanced understanding of sound/audio/video

  • Comfortable leading through song, prayer, and scripture moments

  • Able to creatively transition from songs and other service elements

  • Must attend Wynnton United Methodist Church

  • Must pass a Background Check



  • Ability to play various musical instruments

  • Bachelor’s Degree or relevant experience



  • Recruit band members, instrumental and vocal

  • Develop band together with timing, tempo, song keys

  • Rehearse band one night a week and on Sunday morning

  • Select music, with the Link pastor’s input

  • Put the songs into Planning Center Online

  • Attach lyric/chord sheets and audio files (for home practice)

  • Put the song slides into Worship Planning Software

  • Secure and train volunteers to operate A/V system

  • Attend meetings with pastors as required to plan music themes

  • Set up a schedule of services to include student band members, visiting musicians, pastors

  • Coordinate with the Link pastor the music order in the worship service

  • Coordinate with Church Administrator for financial and other logistical requirements

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor or the designee

Eligible candidates should submit resumes:

Contact: Gena Tincher

Address: 2412 Wynnton Rd Columbus 31906

Phone: 706-324-2424



Director of Student Ministries

General Description. This is a part-time position with the responsibility for planning and oversight of all student ministry programs for 6th through 12th grade students. The program goal is to assist the church and our parents in teaching the Christian faith to our students (Deuteronomy 6:7).

Reports to:  Senior Pastor for program oversight and the Staff Parish Relations Committee for human resource issues.




  • Ability to build a community of faith within the student group through their own relationship with Jesus Christ as well as their ability to connect personally with the students and their parents.

  • One year experience middle school or high school students as a volunteer, paid staff or intern in a church or secular setting such as public or private school.

  • Three years’ experience with middle school and high school students on the staff of a church.

  • Basic understanding and willing submission to the Methodist doctrine and church policy as outlined in the current Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church.

  • Attend Wynnton United Methodist Church

  • Pass a Background Check

  • Be at least 5 years older than the oldest youth in the program



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.


  1. Help the church inspire in our students a passion for following Christ and equip them for the next stage of their faith life.

  2. Teach the essentials of Christian doctrine in a way that connects with the students.

  3. Work with the church’s Youth Council, plan weekly activities to foster the spiritual formation of the students, and organize those activities into a coherent calendar of events including regular, recurring meetings and special events. Must include but not limited to: Sunday school, Sunday evening, and mid-week activities.

  4. Foster student involvement in the total ministry of the church including the Church Council and program areas.

  5. Integrate opportunities for student mission and outreach in program plans.

  6. When requested, provide individual guidance to students to assist them in their faith walk. Know when/what situations to request assistance from the Pastoral staff.

  7. Provide information to high school students regarding colleges, universities, and scholarships that are affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

  8. Transition 6th grade students from Children’s church to the student group through confirmation.Collaborate with the Director of Children’s Ministries.

  9. Work with the music staff in coordinating the calendar, interpreting student needs in music, promoting music and other youth programs.

  10. Lead, train and equip volunteers in the student ministry program to surround yourself with other caring adults that can form relationships with the students.

  11. Review the church’s safe sanctuary policy with other staff members and recommend changes as necessary. Oversee implementation of the policy as it affects the student ministry program.

  12. Guide a student visitation program to involve inactive student and new student members in the life of the church; also, visitation at schools (per school rules/regulations) and organized school events.

  13. Be responsible for publicity through the church bulletin, letters, phone calls, website, e –mails, etc. so that students and parents are informed of activities and programs.

  14. Encourage students to invite all friends, especially the unchurched, to join them at a student ministry event. Recruit, equip, and deploy student and adult leaders to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  15. Work with the Youth Council to cast a vision for the program that balances fun activities with discipleship.

  16. Purposefully review program strengths and areas for improvement at least annually with the pastoral staff and Youth Council at a minimum.

  17. Provide a written annual report to the Charge Conference summarizing the student program highlights its strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

  18. Support the other ministries of Wynnton UMC as directed.

  19. Purposefully seek professional self-improvement under the direction of the Senior Pastor.

  20. Always strive with God’s help to lead a lifestyle that is glorifying to God and sets an example for our students.

  21. Supervise the use of physical facilities and equipment for student ministries and assist leaders and students in developing a sense of stewardship in the use of these facilities.

  22. Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor.

Staff Responsibilities  

  1. Work cooperatively with the church staff team for the good of the total church.

  2. Attend regular staff meetings to project plans and delegate responsibilities.

  3. Meet periodically for opportunities for evaluation and feedback with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

  4. Be answerable to the Senior Pastor and ultimately to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

  5. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

  • Eligible candidates should submit resumes:

  • Contact: Gena Tincher

  • Address: 2412 Wynnton Rd Columbus 31906

  • Phone: 706-324-2424

  • Email:

  • Website: